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sun = conscious behavior/action

moon = reactive bevavior/action

rising = natural day-to-day behavior/action


Moon in Aries intimacy: Being vulnerable together. Sharing your deepest fears with another person 

Moon in Taurus intimacy: Being nourished together by life’s sugary delights like cooking and eating together, sharing their bodies, sharing a home and finances

Moon in Gemini intimacy: Late night deep and meaningfuls as the moon rises, understanding each other’s emotional language and the things that can’t be said

Moon in Cancer intimacy: Being completely def enseless together and sheltering each other, coming home to one another 

Moon in Leo intimacy: Being proud of eachother and independently inspiring sharing ultra high times honorable, and gold, and respecting each other through personal wars of self contempt and dependency

Moon in Virgo intimacy: Feeling comfortable enough together to dispel shyness, awkwardness, and trepidation. Somebody who accepts their flaws, revealing their personal idiosycronies and habits

Moon in Libra intimacy: Being comfortable enough together that two bodies melt into one organism, filling each other in, chasing away the empty feelings, unifying as one, being equal

Moon in Scorpio intimacy: A face without makeup and two minds where the padlocks have been undone and their deepest secrets, fears, traumas, memories, and dreams are only accessible to one another 

Moon in Sagittarius intimacy: Free to roam alone or together, trusts one ano ther to fly unescorted and know with faith and confidence they will return 

Moon in Capricorn intimacy: Knowing each other’s history, doubts, and greatest aspirations, fighting for them together and not having to prove anything 

Moon in Aquarius intimacy: Complete acceptance and respect for one another’s independence, private needs, and personal habits, standing unfied, as equal and never intruding on eachother 

Moon in Pisces intimacy: Sleeping together, dreaming together, creating together, using the other to escape with the addiction they have to one another 




i see so many people interested in yods so i decided to make a post on it since it’s difficult to find information on it, especially in simpler terms! 

yods are special aspects made between three planets or two planets and an angle (two planets & the ascendant or the midheaven), where two planets are inconjunct (150 degrees) a third, making those two planets sextile (60 degrees). the planet that is inconjuncted is the apex planet. i personally only count yods when all the aspects have less than 3 degrees orb.

having a yod means that your life has some sort of special purpose, something you’re inclined to achieve. yods aren’t super common, if you don’t have one, it does NOT mean you don’t have a purpose in life, you just don’t have one really strong focus that your soul is trying to work towards. and if you have several, then you may have several purposes. 

a lot of times, the influence of the yod isn’t conscious to us, and sometimes it is, but usually yods are “activated” at some point in our life. that activation occurs when an outer planet (jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto) reaches the midpoint between the two sextile planets. for example if you have mars in scorpio at 12 degrees and moon in capricorn at 14 degrees, the midpoint would be 13 degrees sagittarius.

the apex planet shows the “theme” of the yod, the main purpose of your life.

sun - chosen to lead, take on a leadership role

moon - chosen to nurture, utilize a nurturing principle

mercury - chosen to generate an idea, some sort of intellectual activity

venus - chosen to love/unit, bring people together

mars - chosen to act, figh t for a cause

jupiter - chosen to expand, expand horizons, bring abundance

saturn - chosen to bear responsibility, build foundation and structure

uranus - chosen to revolutionize, challenge society, disrupt old ideals

neptune - chosen to inspire, involves higher mysteries, souls, higher heights of consciousness

pluto - chosen to transform, to resurrect 

north node - chosen to bring in your karmic energy, your natural talents will come forth in the world

the houses the apex planet is in may give a hint as to how your purpose may come up, for example in the second house, you may be vulnerable to money, focused on making it to the point of obsession.

people who have yods tend to have instability in their lives, confusion, perhaps some chaos sometimes. you’re constantly under stress, and can be difficult to get along with sometimes. people with yods usually have family and very close frien ds with yods, too! 

a popular example is prince charles and princess diana. they both had yods that crossed, which causes a lot of tension. it’s almost as if they were meant to destroy each other. her yod also touched a significant transit on uranus the day she passed, so yes, yods forming aspects in transit or a transit chart showing a yod can impact you, too.

there are a couple other ways you can interpret apex planets as well, such as saturn as your apex can show that you hold back or delays always come up when trying to achieve your goals. 



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Encouragement for 12th house placements


Sun in 12th House: Keep doing what you love, and you’ll find yourself soon.

Moon in 12th House: People are here for you and are ready to help you. It’s perfectly okay to express how you feel. 

Mercury in 12th House: What you have to say DOES matter to people. 

Venus in 12th House: You are loved in so many ways. True companionship isn’t the same as romance and sex, and it may be right under your nose right now.

Mars in 12th House: You can find inner peace if you look in the right places. 

Jupiter in 12th House: Your smile brightens everyone’s day. It’s okay to be sad when you need to, though.

< p>Saturn in 12th House: You’re not a drag. You are helping people much more than you give yourself credit for. 

Uranus in 12th House: You have it in you to inspire the changes in the world that you want to see.

Neptune in 12th House: You have so many beautiful ideas just below the surface, and the world will be so lucky to hear them one day. 

Pluto in 12th House: You have grown so much in your lifetime. Give yourself credit for that!

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Idk if i’m venting or asking for help, i think both lol but my biggest goal in life is to become balanced, as an Aries moon and Capricorn sun i am always on or off, hot or cold, too much or too little. what’s some advice you can give me to help me to become more of a balanced person in all areas of life. i also have no water in my chart so that makes it a little worst lol😕. it’s also crazy how i always find myself dating a Libra and they’re the “balance” i need but some aren’t assertive enough

I don’t think that’s an answer I can give you, that’s a lot to ask! Balance is also different for each person. I don’t truly believe anybody is actually and completely balanced anyway, because every one is complex and different and we all have our unbalan ced areas that require constant work but that’s Okay and normal. You have to find the balance and answer for yourself

I just did a sidereal chart - it's saying I'm in Ophiuchus, but not saying anything? And google says it's from November 30th and I'm born November 22nd? Please help? What is this?

use a different calculator, like astro.com (I’m pretty sure they do sidereal too) or just try a different one in general as that seems to be inaccurate and unreliable

Capricorn Moon Siblings!!!!🌟🐐💛

OMG YAY, I love it 🌙☄♑ we are the best